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There’s a wealth of business activity in our region happening right now. Creative industries are winning work with global brands, property companies are developing, the business community is accelerating and tech-based businesses are innovating with ideas being commercialised. Many sectors in the region are very positive right now.

Digital technologies are unlike any other – they change everything we do in our personal and business lives and they evolve daily. As an innovative marketing agency that loves to embrace new technology and experiment with different platforms, we’re proud that our roots are from a region that’s rapidly becoming known as a hotspot for digital businesses.

In our region we have more than our fair share of innovators and start-ups, most of which are operating with a spirit of collaboration and collectively helping the North East to prosper. The region is not only creating pioneering, home-grown businesses with global aspirations, we’re attracting many industry-leading brands.

We’re very fortunate to have five local universities on our doorstep, as well as great colleges, schools and apprenticeship schemes that are all producing a wealth of talent, providing us with a hotbed of skill sets and ability.

The region also has several initiatives, organisations and programmes that are solely invested here and are actively supporting businesses to start up, accelerate, innovate, link up and grow.

Drummond Central was proud to support two events that bring digital discussion, awareness and entrepreneurship to the region; Thinking Digital 2016 and the ‘Making the Most of Twitter in your Business’ event hosted by Twitter, Sage UK and NECC.

We promote and advocate the North East and believe our ability, skill set and rapidly growing digital industry cannot be underestimated.