By Alex Evans, Senior Account Director

Get ready for what could become one of Ray Winstone’s most iconic characters. Both puns intended. We’re talking about his exciting new role as a bet365 emoji.

The Hollywood star was recruited by Drummond Central in 2009 to be the face of bet365, and has appeared in every UK campaign since. But never like this.

The new ‘Raymoji’, which premiered on Twitter on Friday 7th October, is only the second time in history a real-life icon has been transformed into a miniaturised digital icon. Usain Bolt was first. But let’s face it, he usually is.

Working alongside bet365, Latitude and Twitter, the social media mini-me was developed as part of bet365’s new #InPlaywithRay Twitter campaign. The hashtag, which we created back in 2013, has appeared in every TV commercial we’ve produced for their UK market, as well as being used across all social media. The addition of the Raymoji is a fantastic way to strengthen an already well-established message.

As well as competitions and polls, the #InPlaywithRay campaign features some exclusive video content of Ray, which we captured whilst shooting our latest bet365 TV spots. The interviews are centred around Ray’s favourite sporting moments, including his memories of the 1966 World Cup win. It gets emotional.