By Stephen Drummond, Creative Director

A few years back, we were shooting in New Orleans. Samuel L. Jackson was filming ‘Django Unchained’ – he had a few days available, so we had a window to film him.

The day of the shoot was St. Patrick’s Day, so after filming with Sam, we went down to the French Quarter to watch the festivities. We had dinner at a traditional New Orleans seafood diner as the celebrations went on around us.

During the meal, I popped outside to watch the people partying – drunk spring-breakers covered in green paint falling all over the place. Outside the diner, two police officers sat on horses watching out for trouble.

Whilst standing there, minding my own business, a drunk kid walked up to one of the horses with his hands out. “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE HORSE SIR. YOU WILL BE HURT,’ shouted the policewoman. “It’s OK, horses love me,” said the guy. The police officer repeated, “I SAID, BACK AWAY FROM THE HORSE SIR. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE HURT”. “Don’t worry about me,” said the guy as he proceeded to stroke the filly. The horse never moved a muscle. In fact it was enjoying it. However, unbeknown to the drunk guy, the female police officer had unsheathed her extremely large truncheon from her belt and with one long, heavy stroke, whacked him over the head. The guy dropped to the ground holding his head and shouting. The policewoman sat there undeterred. “I TOLD YOU SIR. TOUCH THE HORSE, AND YOU WILL BE HURT”. At this point, I was absolutely creasing myself. The policewoman then turned towards me, and gave me a little wink ;)

(The guy was fine. He eventually walked off a bit dazed).