Takin’ Care of Clients

By Dan Appleby, Managing Director

Keeping our clients happy is hugely important to DC. And our Client Services team are the guys who liaise with our clients, and creative and digital teams to make sure everything’s organised and in place. They’re the fountain of all knowledge, the ones with the plan, and most importantly, the ones who know what needs to happen and by when. They have control of the budgets, the deadlines and the travel tickets. In a nutshell, they get stuff done.

It goes without saying that when we’re looking for someone to join the Client Services team, we’re pretty demanding. Those that are keen to come on board the good ship DC have to be able to work with, and get the best out of everyone they work with. They also have to juggle lots of balls whilst spinning many plates. They tend to write lots of lists and love a Post-it note.

In the last couple of months we’ve found some great new folk to join the team and continue to put client services at the heart of everything we do. Dan Appleby has joined us as Head of Client Services, bringing 15 years of experience in creative agencies in London and Newcastle. It’s safe to say he’s been knocking on our door for about eight years, and we finally let him in. Dan has worked with clients including Vodafone, Visit Wales, Fosters, Network Rail, Capital One and learndirect across pretty much every marketing discipline. He’ll work with the entire team to maintain our high standards of service and planning, as well as working closely with clients on strategic planning.

New starters at DC

Lauren Bentley is our new Account Manager with five years’ agency experience on accounts such as Procter & Gamble, Costco, Symington Family Estates Wines and SNB Foods. Lauren is an accomplished swimmer, which is a pretty good job as she’s already been thrown in at the deep end and is definitely in no danger of sinking.

Josh Dobbs comes straight from Northumbria University with a fancy degree in International Business Management and bags of energy and enthusiasm. Josh has been employed as an Account Executive and his youthful good looks and exuberance have been put to good use as a model in one of our client photo shoots (sadly, he was just in the background and not giving Biebs a run for his money).

Thea Van der Velde is another new Account Executive. Everyone needs someone like Thea in their team. Fact. Her unintended one-liners are already legendary. As is her ability to make even the younger members of the team feel old. She was born in 1996. We repeat, 1996.

Last, but by no means least, Shaunie Fletcher is our third new Account Executive. They say good things come in three. After completing her degree in Advertising and Media at Northumbria University, Shaunie headed to Australia to ‘find herself’. Now that’s out of the way, we’re pleased she’s back and she’s definitely a great find for DC.

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