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Over the weekend, those of you in London may have noticed an interestingly-coloured, nappy-wearing blimp floating about. Coinciding with Trump’s visit to the UK, this 20-foot balloon flew in protest across Parliament Square for two hours.

But its journey may not be over yet. New Jersey activist known simply as, ‘Jim’ began a GoFundMe listing with the aim of bringing the baby to The States. By Monday night, the campaign raised over $13,700 by 631 people – far exceeding its goal of $4,500. At the time of writing this, the fund has increased even further, amassing an astonishing $14,800.


This inflatable baby with a malevolent face and tiny hands has apparently been requested to tour the world by a number of funders. The aim is to coat the world in hilarious orange terror. And the balloon-filled politics don’t stop there. This campaign’s prompted a giant Sadiq Khan baby balloon to be produced (with donations hitting over £57,000 on its Crowdfunder).

While it’s making headlines worldwide, we recommend following along with #trumpbaby across social media to see where he ends up next.