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A lot of music and sound in this week’s sites. It’s usually a bit of a gimmick when it comes to web design but we think these examples work well. There’s also some new Pixar goodness and a nice visual experiment with machine learning. Enjoy.

Remember: Lots of the sites we share use experimental web technologies. To see them at their best, be sure to use an up-to-date browser. We viewed them all in Google Chrome.

1. FedEx

Ever wondered what a parcel delivery would sound like as a piece of music? Me neither. But that’s what this site does. To be honest I’m not sure why this exists but technically it’s really impressive and the design’s great. Be warned though, parcel delivery music sucks.

2. Cars

Movie sites are always good for creativity and when Pixar’s involved you can’t go wrong. This site is relatively simple, but their attention to detail makes it shine. Loads of nice interactions, super smooth transitions and all for a new ‘Cars’ film.

*3. Gusto**

I’m a sucker for glitchy design so can’t help but love this. Pretty much everything is twisted or distorted on interaction but it never feels overboard. The sound design even works, which is rare. Usually it’s an annoying addition but here it really brings everything together. 

4. Lazy Eyes

The main thing to like here is the slot machine style navigation, really unique and nicely done. Again, the sound actually adds to the design and makes the effect more real. And if that’s not enough then their portfolio’s great too.

5. Noni Noni

Finally, a fun little experiment a developer made for his two year old daughter. Draw anything and the site will make it into a colourful 3D visual with the aid of machine learning. Pretty clever, I’m sure you’ll agree.