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Hello world, welcome to a new weekly curation of sites we like here at DC. Every two weeks we’ll be hand-picking five of the most creative, thought-provoking and experimental websites for your viewing pleasure. From corporate sites to HTML5 games and everything in-between, if it’s cool, we’ll share it.

This week we’ve got an interactive music video, pinball in the browser, a great agency site and more. Enjoy.

Nerdy side note: A lot of the sites we’ll be sharing use experimental web technologies. To see them at their best, be sure to use a modern browser. We viewed them all in Google Chrome.

1. Real Estate Video

First up, an interactive music video for Real Estate’s latest single ‘Stained Glass’. A kind of animated paint-by-numbers, the video starts as a blank canvas for you to then colour in as the music plays. When you’re done, you can re-watch and share your creation. Or, if you like, do it all again… I did.

2. DAN Paris

The new site for creative agency DAN Paris is a personal favourite of the week. It’s quite simple on the surface but some lovely micro-interactions and creative uses of SVG and canvas bring the site to life with bags of personality.

3. Searching for Syria

UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) and Google partner up on this site to answer the top five questions people have about Syria. Using data and content compiled by UNHCR and Google Search Trends, the site offers an immersive view into pre-war Syria and their sadly ongoing refugee crisis.

4. Denso

Created to showcase the new commercial identity of Denso (a forward-thinking automotive technology company), this new site is a perfect example of why corporate websites don’t need to be dull. With a unique scrolling navigation and some beautifully crafted transitions, the site successfully enhances the brand’s image of future-focused innovation.


Finally, if you want to have some fun/waste some time then you can’t go wrong with this site, a 3D pinball machine built entirely in the browser. A fun design, flawless execution and great example of what’s possible on the web.