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Ever sat browsing the internet, minding your own business and an ad for some dodgy viagra pills pop up? Well thankfully, Google Chrome is adding a new ad-blocker feature to remove bad ads from our screens.

Rolling out across North America and Europe today, these new ad standards, put in place by Coalition for Better Ads, block frustrating pop-ups, annoying auto-play videos and irritating full-screen ads.

But why, you may ask, are we happy Google is blocking ads?

This isn’t about getting rid of ads altogether. Google Chrome’s focus is to ‘block all ads on websites found to host negative ad experiences’ (source: The Drum).

In fact, it’ll help streamline our industry. We work hard, and want nothing but the best for our clients. This feature will help them cut through the noise and showcase the services they offer. It’ll also help customers see ads that are targeted at them, and give them a more positive experience.

So thanks to Google Chrome, we can say goodbye to those shitty ads that have out-stayed their welcome.

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