By Rosie Oswin, Account Manager

Our first intake of School of DC has only gone and graduated. This year, Drummond Central decided to make work experience a little bit cooler. Making tea all day? Not enough one-to-one time? No thanks, not our style. We wanted our first intake of School of DC to go away feeling inspired, motivated and like they’d met some really talented people along the way.

We saved a very special project for our fresh new faces. As many of you know, last year, we sadly lost our Jess, a beloved member of our team to sepsis. We gave School of DC the task of preparing a campaign to raise awareness to the UK Sepsis Trust charity. Talk about pressure. We needn’t have worried – they smashed it. So much so they were invited back for a third week of term. What do School of DC have to say about their time with us? Beth (one half of a Creative Team with fellow School of DC-er Katy) suggests future applicants ‘open their minds and prepare to learn a shit-tonne of stuff – fast’.

Any advice to the future intake of School of DC? ‘Express every thought you have and don’t be shy’, said Katy. ‘Even if you think it could be a bad idea, it could create a spark of inspiration for your team’.

Want to be part of the slickest school there ever was? We want to hear from you. Watch this space for more information about our next intake for School of DC.

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