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Every day, I’m learning more and more about advertising and the art of copy. We live in a world where advertising can be skipped, fast-forwarded or ignored. So I wanted to look at ad campaigns that focus specifically around copy. I’ve realised that without it, some ads would be lost or simply wouldn’t work.

A campaign that has well-crafted copy is the Oasis ‘Refreshing Stuff’ campaign. It’s a personal favourite of mine because it doesn’t beat around the bush, it sparks a conversation. I remember seeing the ad campaign on an Adshel for the first time and doing a double take. That’s when you know it works and is powerful enough to stop someone in their tracks.

It’s a content-sensitive world out there, so why not make it humorous? The likes of John Smiths, Newcastle Brown Ale and Woodpecker took this approach with their campaigns, which will always be remembered for their directness and bluntness.

I’ve loved the Oasis ads since they were released as I’ve not seen anything like them recently. It grabs your attention, and you’re then looking for the ads everywhere you go (you’re probably craving Oasis too).

This year, Oasis released a new ‘sour’ drink and their ads have been reappearing. They’ve kept their attitude and ballsy take on advertising, which can’t help but make you smile.

Their socials are a hoot too.