We’ve always known he’s an MVP, now everyone else knows it too. Our Digital Technical Director, Richard Ockerby, has been selected as a global MVP by Umbraco – one of the world’s leading open-source content management systems.

As part of Umbraco’s Package Team, Rich helps to expand the functionality of Umbraco and support the community with package creation, ensuring it continues to evolve. And he’s obviously done a pretty good job as he’s now officially one of the Umbraco MVPs for 2021.

Umbraco announced this year’s MVPs saying “every year we get to acknowledge and reward extraordinary contributors who go above and beyond with the title of Umbraco MVPs.” With over 200,000 community members and just 17 new MVPs named for 2021, we thought that was worth shouting about.

You can read more about what Rich gets up to on his Umbraco community profile here, including cooking chips. Not the tasty kind.