By Dan Appleby, Managing Director

Beth and I are chuffed to bits to have been named as joint IPA City Heads for the North East. Anyone who knows either of us knows we both love what we do; care passionately about the work we create; and know it’s only made possible by dedicated people who have a bit of a rebellious nature.

It’s nearly nine years since I moved back to the North East, having started out in London. When I told people I was leaving to come back to the North East, one senior person actually told me that I was “committing career suicide.” “Nothing interesting happens outside of London.” “You’ll be doing tiny, black and white press ads and nothing else.” If I’m honest, I did worry I was going to be compromising on the quality of work I get to be involved in.

But straight away, I was struck by how much talent there was here. We have some hugely creative individuals, strategic thinkers and clever technical bods, and we get to work with fiercely ambitious clients who want to achieve big things.

As a region we produce great work and great people. We compete for business on a national level and win global accounts. And we should be proud about that.

The IPA is ingrained in our culture at DC. We love the training, thinking and services we have access to, and we use them all regularly. The IPA gives us all the opportunity to learn from and tap into each other’s experiences as well as that of a wider industry community.

We were keen to have more involvement and influence in some of the bigger discussions happening about our industry, and which affect our agency and our region. Having a seat at the table will help us bring more training, thinking and opportunities to the North East. It will hopefully be a platform for us, and the other members we’re friends with, and will help us remain one step ahead so we can continue delivering excellence for our clients.

In true DC style, we’re looking forward to shaking things up as much as we can. Within a couple of weeks, we’ve already got a reputation as being the renegades. Long may that continue.

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