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We now live in a world of social folk who never actually have to leave the house. We communicate through tweets and tags and love can be counted in likes. But despite social media being something a lot of us do on a daily basis, some of us still commit an Insta-faux pas or two. So, we’ve come up with a list 6 Insta-don’ts to help you on your way.

1. Going #hashtag crazy. Instagram allows up to 30 active hashtags in one post. However, that doesn’t mean you need to use them all. Over-tagging a post (especially with unrelatable tags) is a real turn-off – it spoils your quality content and makes it look messy and forced.

2. Posting when you feel like it. If you use Instagram for fun, feel free to post whenever the mood takes you. But if you’re looking for engagement, head for peak-time posting. Posting early in the morning, over lunchtime or during the commute home is when users are at their most active. When it comes to a business account, your analytics will personalise these times for you, so use the tools provided.

3. Low Quality Images. For a strong aesthetic, your images should always be high quality. Of course, our cameras are built-in to our phones but sometimes the quality isn’t enough. There’s no shame in using a digital camera and then uploading them to your phone for posting. Nobody wants to see a picture that looks like it was taken on a potato.

4. Insta-Spam Instagram allows multiple posts to be added into a single square. So you have no reason for your 20-a-day habit. If you clog up your followers’ feeds with an endless stream of pictures, one after the other, they could turn on you, leaving you (crying and) alone with your posts.

5. It’s nice to be nice. This isn’t always applicable, as bots (those pesky fake accounts) seem to find us all anyway, but if a genuine follower reaches out, take the time to reply. It’ll help you to gain more interaction. Promise. In most cases, comments are valued more than likes as it has a personable and human element to it.

6. URLs in posts Links in captions just don’t work. End of. When a link has no purpose, all your followers see is www.lookwhatwedid/ and it just makes your post look messy. Keep the links in your Stories and your clean aesthetic won’t be tainted.

Remember, these are just tips and tricks. If you want to start an Instagram following, don’t forget ‘timely content = organic growth’. Nobody wants an audience of Instagram bots.