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In Twitter’s latest report policy update, they’ve given us the option to flag fake news and bot accounts. In recent years, more and more fake media sources have been popping up, curating fictional content and passing it off as truth. Some of this content began as a comedic outlet, but perspective is everything online.

This has caused mass hysteria across social media, with classic titles making the rounds, such as ‘Man sues McDonald’s because he was depressed after eating a Happy Meal’, ‘VeggieTales introduces a new cannabis character’ and ‘Florida man arrested after having sex with alligators in the Everglades’. So to tackle the problem, Twitter users can now select the option, ‘The account tweeting this is fake’ if they see something that’s not quite right.

Although it’s still unclear on what happens once a fake account is reported, we’re hoping repeat reporting will lead to more fake accounts getting the boot. Back in July of this year, Twitter claimed they had removed over 70 million accounts that had been dubbed fake or disruptive. We believe they’re taking this issue more seriously than they have in the past. This should hopefully lead to a further clean up of the social landscape, paving the way for nothing but truthful content on our feeds.

But what do you think? Will this end fake news? Or is fictitious journalism here to stay?

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