By Stephen Drummond, Creative Director

Recently, I did a lecture to students and started off by showing the DC logo and said, “Hi, my name’s Stephen Drummond and I’m the creative director of Drummond Central. Now, I know what you’re all thinking, ‘What kind of wanker names a company after themselves?’ Well, that’s a completely different story.”

Just in case you have ever wondered, here’s how we ended up being called Drummond Central.

Back in 2004 when Julie and I first started the company in our spare bedroom, we only had one computer between us. We had to share it as we had no money. Julie would write her emails and when she was finished, I’d then use it to finish off my work. Bear in mind, this was in the days before smartphones, so all emails were done on a desktop computer – ours was the cheapest eMac you could buy. I remember buying it from John Lewis. I had to pretend to be a student so we got it cheaper.

When we first started out, we originally intended to call the company ‘Long Hot Summer’. It was a song by the Style Council that I just love. It also sounds positive and happy. We loved it. That was the name we chose and that’s what we were called. Somewhere in the depths of the DC server is a logo and letterhead with Michael Fish pointing to the North East of England with a big sun over Newcastle.

However, I never ever got to say, “Hi, I’m Stephen Drummond and I’m the Creative Director of Long Hot Summer.”

So where on earth did Drummond Central come from?

On that £400 eMac, we had 3 Blueyonder email addresses – one for Julie, one for myself and the third was just a generic address for sending and receiving artwork. Because we were constantly passing the computer between each other, we gave it a name that represented where it stood – basically, it sat between both of us. That email address was [email protected] People kept ringing up and saying, “Is that Drummond Central?” Eventually, we said “Yes, it is.”

Stephen Drummond Creative Director, Long Hot Summer