By Richard Rippon, Copywriter

As an innovative, creative marketing agency we love to embrace new technology and experiment with different platforms.

So, on a particularly rainy day in January 2016, we decided to set up a live Periscope stream of the entertaining action unfolding right outside our office window – a constant stream of people trying to navigate their way through a large puddle. Some people tiptoed, some leapt, some climbed around it, others simply stood there staring at it. It was compulsive viewing, and after tagging it as DrummondPuddleWatch, we shared it.

The live stream went viral and #DrummondPuddleWatch became the No.1 trending topic on Twitter UK and No.2 worldwide. With 548K total views, it was a watershed moment for the new Periscope app, becoming its biggest ever stream. Twitter’s CEO thanked us for boosting their share price and demonstrating their new Periscope app to a worldwide audience. The results, and the constant stream of commentary, proved that people crave to be involved in shared experiences, particularly ones that capture genuine drama, humour and human spirit.