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During this awkward period between Christmas and New Year, where you don’t know what day it is and you’ve eaten your weight in pigs in blankets, we thought we’d share our all-time favourite Christmas ads.

Yellow Pages – Mistletoe (1992)

‘What’s the Yellow Pages?’ I hear the children of today ask *cries quietly*. This ad may seem a little retro now, but it’s a true heart-warmer.


John Lewis – A Tribute to Givers (2010)

We felt that this was the ad that made Christmas ads a ‘thing’. By showing the perspective of the caring gift-givers, this really tugs on the heartstrings.


Aldi – Kevin the Carrot (2017)

In 2017, we were introduced to Kevin the Carrot – a lovable and funny little fairytale character.


M&S – This Isn’t Just Food (2006)

For a lot of us, Christmas is all about the food, and M&S’ ad was one to remember. #FoodPorn.


John Lewis – The Long Wait (2011)

Following on from their gift-giver tale, this ad really stole hearts. With a heart-wrenching storyline, this ad was truly unforgettable.


IRN-BRU – Snowman (2006)

Not all ads have to be a tear-jerker. Instead, IRN-BRU created a humorous twist to the classic story of The Snowman.


M&S – Christmas with love from Mrs Claus (2016)

Another favourite was M&S’ modern take on Christmas and the role of Mrs Claus. It was nice to see her getting the recognition she deserves.


Allegro – English for Beginners (2016)

This ad really does pull on the heartstrings. With the perfect mix of sweetness and laughter, this shows how Allegro helped an old man connect with his grandchild.


Aldi – Telescope (2015)

Over the years, Aldi has mocked some of the big-name brands, and this was a hilarious take on John Lewis’ ‘The Man on the Moon’ ad.


Currys – JIGSAW (2015)

Is there anything more awkward than opening a present you’re not happy with? This ad is a hilarious take on how to ‘spare the act’ at Christmas.


John Lewis – #EltonJohnLewis (2018)

This year’s John Lewis ad followed the life of Elton John’s career, which all started from the gift of a piano as a young boy. For all those Elton John fans – this was a hit.


Coca Cola (2018)

The Coca Cola truck and the ‘Holidays Are Coming’ soundtrack have become a true symbol of Christmas. And you know it’s a good ad when people can recognise the brand instantly – without any real push of the product.

What’s your favourite Christmas ad of all time? Let us know on Twitter.