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Ever wondered who inspires our creatives? Welcome to Creative Choice – a showcase of creatives by creatives from across the globe.

Want to add some inspiration to your feed? Get your following finger ready – first up, Junior Designer, Bethan Richardson, and her top 5 from Instagram.



Adam J. Kurtz

Scrolling through your feed of unrealistic photos can get a little tough sometimes, so it’s always nice to see Adam’s dark humour and heavy dose of reality pop up. His work is often honest, raw, and unrefined and that’s what I love.


Jennet Liaw

Think glitchy, urban, edgy. If you ever need typographic inspiration, Jennet is one to follow. I instantly feel a little bit cooler having her on my feed and she always brings me a ton of inspo whenever I’m feeling a little stuck.


Hattie Stewart

If colour is your thing, follow Hattie. Her use of colour in her doodles is basically porn for a designer. She mixes illustration and photography in such a stunning, playful way, with a hint of satire.


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Sorry not sorry #sorryihavenofilterimages

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Jessica Walsh

I love following Jessica because she doesn’t just post up the work from her agency. Instead, she shows her personality with kitschy, provocative photography. It’s always bold in its use of colour, relevant, and relatable. It feels a little vintage, like old timey magazine ads, but with a modern twist.


Ryan Roadkill

This local illustrator is one of my favourites on my feed. Based in Newcastle, Ryan’s work is a throwback to classic, low-budget horror film posters. Deep black lines, a comic feel, vibrant colours – it’s visually striking and distinctive.


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