By Dan Appleby, Managing Director

Late last year, we had the pleasure of working with Beacon Films, an initiative built to support film-makers with learning disabilities, autism and additional needs, make and showcase stunning video productions and develop valuable creative skills.

We were thrilled when Beacon Films approached us to create a film. As an agency, we are normally driving the creative, but it was a truly unique experience to see outsiders reinterpreting Drummond Central through their own eyes.

They brought us ‘Ray and Dar’, the creativity detectives. Complete with RADAR dishes on their top hats, these two were drawn to us after being alerted to a great deal of creativity.

Grab a cuppa and take some time to watch the full version below, I promise you’ll laugh.

From start to finish, this group of creative minds were a pleasure to work with. When you meet Beacon Films, you’ll be made to feel important. They truly respect their craft and relationships, not only with each other, but with the businesses they work with.