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The mortgage process is famously known as being scary, confusing and time-consuming, but not with Atom. The Atom Mortgage Party has been designed to flip that and showcase how hassle-free it can truly be.

Our exhibition stand experience for a number of mortgage broker conferences took the idea of saving time and enjoying life to the next level, resulting in a pop-up party in an otherwise grey landscape. Complete with an interactive game produced in-house by our digital team, we created an experience for Atom that fully represented the brand’s values.

In reality a digital mortgage has the potential to be painless, liberating, life-changing and something worth celebrating. The ‘Mortgage Party’ positions Digital Mortgages from Atom as the start of an exciting new chapter in customers’ lives, removing the stress and reminding the audience of the good times ahead.

Think about how amazing it feels when you’re handed the keys to your new flat, or the day you step over the threshold with your partner for that very first time. These are the moments they care about, so pour yourself a drink, join the party and let Atom handle the rest.

Atom Mortgage Party Campaign