By Hollie Hood, Senior Account Manager

Shared Interest Society is a not for profit organisation. Their purpose is to alleviate poverty for those in remote and disadvantaged communities by helping them to trade and earn a living. They do this by pooling investments from their members in the UK and lending these funds to make lasting improvements to people’s lives in the developing world.

We produced an outdoor advertising campaign for them recently. It ran on Tyne and Wear Metro and in The Big Issue to highlight the challenging journeys fair trade farmers are facing around the world. Its aim was to raise Shared Interest’s profile and give current stakeholders a sense of pride.

Yet, in spite of this, the campaign brought in £7,800 of new investment in total. The client was particularly thrilled considering income wasn’t their key objective. The campaign was shortlisted in The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Northern Awards 2016 in the Not For Profit category, which the client was also delighted about. Double-whammy.

Long may the journey continue, I say.