COVID is still severely affecting visitor attractions

Although on the mend, the visitor attractions sector was hugely affected by the global pandemic, with three in ten (29%) of the remaining attractions unable to open for their typical visitor seasons once the national lockdown was lifted in 2021 (VisitBritain). 

Since COVID-19 restrictions have lessened, there has been a myriad of feelings towards getting back out there, but with the pandemic largely in our rearview mirrors, it’s evident people are keen to get back to what is now considered “the new normal”.

Spend per visit Vs. Increased cost of living

We expect the spend per visit to remain higher than the pre-pandemic norm, due to longer average length of stay as well as inflation. However, this is put at severe risk with the recent increase in the cost of living. 

With the average person's disposable income sharply declining, this brings a huge risk to those who consider visitor attractions and days out a luxury.

The death of risk for visitors

With limited budget and holiday time available, future travellers want to find out as much as possible about their destination before getting there. They expect travel providers to empower them by providing enough upfront information about tourism products.

“It’s getting easier and easier to see what places look like, to hear about other people’s experiences prior to your travel. I think that’s why places that used to be fairly non-ubiquitous are becoming more and more popular tourism destinations”. 

Nick Larson, Head of Platform at Timelooper

(Visit Britain)

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