You see things no one else does. You’re known for your speed, but more for your accuracy. You’re a technically-minded Middleweight Artworker, keen to join one of the region’s most ambitious businesses. 

We need an artworker to work across all client accounts. Someone who takes production quality seriously, but not themselves. Someone who wants to get stuck in to the operational side of things as well as finishing design to artwork stage. 

You’ll put your protective arms around world-famous clients by:

  • Supporting the creative department
  • Doing print, social, packaging, presentations and more
  • Solving problems even when they’re not yours to solve
  • Being methodical and approachable
  • Keeping up to date with industry trends

If this sounds like you, quit your job immediately and send your CV to jobs@drummondcentral.co.uk with Artworker in the subject.

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